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Anonymous asked: Back in NJ with that wood floor?

No more tacky college carpeting ☺️

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Anonymous asked: Post selfies please

this is an old one from one of my birthday parties

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wellwornwornwell asked: Hey man, saw you're starting a shirt company. I didn't go to B-school (I say "B-school" so people think I did), but I assume you're gonna be making cool shirts. At a glance "cool shirt" looks a lot like "cool shit." I do a lot of cool shit. Dude, I could help you out!

And on that day, in the year of our Lord two thousand fourteen, Cool Shit Shirting Co. was founded.

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Anonymous asked: yo, youre trying to start a shirt company?? i go to business school dude i could help you out!

a lot of people go to business school