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Anonymous asked: How do you like Babson? I'm thinking about applying there because they have an amazing business program, and business/marketing is definitely something I'm looking in to as a career. I'm the president of my school's DECA club, if you know what that is. But, yeah how do you like the environment, and is it extremely difficult to get in?

Not extremely difficult to get in, but it’s challenging and you definitely need to stand out as an applicant as a lot of these kids have huge experience points coming in. The environment is absolutely amazing. If you’re into entrepreneurship and business you will meet so many people that think the same way and enjoy the same things you do, and there is plenty of stuff to get involved with. There’s just a buzz of good vibes once you find your crew (@grext) If you have any more questions or want more detail definitely contact me personally or even talk to @new-england-living or @tweenlaquifa or @shredtilyouredead or @sunshineandfreckles

(I think I got their urls right)